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The OVSC Board includes executive officers, trip directors, a racing director, and a representative from each of the 16 member clubs throughout the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky- southeastern/northwestern West Virginia region. Its primary function is to provide ski trips, a ski racing program, and travel opportunities to the membership of its member clubs. The Board meets periodically throughout the year. It sponsors an annual ‘OVSC Summit’ in June, which is a three-day event which includes resort, destination, and tour operator exhibits; trip presentations; leadership seminars; topical breakout sessions; and social and sight-seeing experiences at the host city.

OVSC Board

Juli Brace

Vice President
Janet Graham Jones

Keely Paul

Hew Wells

Summer/International Trip Director
Dan Hapner

North America Trip Director
Bob LeValley

Race Chairman
Rick Mygrant

Weekend Trip Director

Club Representatives

Alpine Ski Club
Cathy Meyer

Cincinnati Ski Club
Dan Jansen

Columbus Ski Club
Mark Dryden

Corbeau Ski Club
Donald Hudson

Dayton Ski Club
Dan Hapner

Huntington Ski Club
Sebastian Paisley

Indianapolis Ski Club
Ray Battey

Kittyhawk Ski Club
Amy Spillers

Lafayette Ski and Snowboard Club
Brian Olehy

Lexington Ski and Sports Club
Janet Graham Jones

Louisville Ski Club
Karen Le Blond

Newark Ski Club
Paulette Weber

Ohio Valley Ski Club
Dave Decker

Sandusky Ski Club
Lisa Johnson

Skiers Ltd.
Nancy Verber

Tri-State Ski Club
Aggie Waninger